Retrofit has masterfully created four distinct group fitness formats strategically designed to get the highest burn factor, both during and after your workout. The concept behind the programming is to strategically tax all three energy systems acting like a metabolic accelerator and fat incinerator so you have no choice but to get in the BEST shape of your life. These intense, yet fun and empowering workouts are the brainchild of RetroFit founders, Jessie Pavelka, (America's leading Fitness Guru, best-selling author and trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser), and Rob McGillivray, LA's premier Master Trainer and former national level track and field athlete.

The Classes: 

HIIT-X: Every second is supercharged in a blitz of lightning­ fast intervals. A healthy dose of high ­intensity training incorporating short intervals with strategic recovery periods carried out circuit style. Transform your body with targeted movement complexes.

HIIT Burn Party: A super-fun, immensely positive, high-energy full body fitness circuit which you are sure to leave on an endorphin and metabolic high! Inclusive, encouraging, and easy-to-follow classes are designed to maximize caloric burn, while strengthening and toning muscles.  

HIIT Sculpt: Strategically engineered to lift, tone and shape your hottest assets. Fire up your muscles, build strength and definition, and get shredded. Warm-­up, cool-down and abdominal section all set to great music make this class a must for all fitness levels.

HIIT Cardio: Total body fat blasting and toning with non­stop, continuous movement that trains both muscular strength and endurance. Great music, energy & results...Be ready to take your body to the next level. 




SINGLE - $25

5 PACK - $120

10 PACK - $230

20 PACK - $400


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SIX MONTH  ULTD OFFER - $179 (per month)

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THREE MONTH ULTD OFFER - $199 (per month)