‘RETROFITTING’ - the addition of new technology or features to older systems, to improve efficiency, increase output and strengthen structures.

Set in a vintage loft-style space in central West Hollywood, our facility combines the tried and tested methods of yesterday with the technological advancements of today and tomorrow.

RETROFIT offers a top tier hybrid training facility to assess your body’s current state, optimal potential and to provide you with the data to workout smarter and more effectively. We have combined the luxury of a one-on-one personal training studio with the community and energy of a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) group class structure, along with the supporting technology to maximize your efforts. 

RETROFIT provides cutting edge training techniques and styles with the technology, information and equipment that lets you know how hard you’re working.  With a modern industrial look, old school gym feel, cutting edge technology and highly qualified trainers your experience will keep you coming back and motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Whatever your needs, targets and personal goals, we intend on getting you there faster.


REFUELLING refers to the mental sustenance gained from going to the gym, working hard and releasing your endorphins, as well as the critical impact of consistently absorbing the correct nutrition, enabling your body to work to its full potential.

REBUILDING refers to the key principle of muscle development in stripping down your muscle fibers so they can heal and rebond bigger, faster and stronger.

REFINING refers to the improvements you make and the personal ground you break by pushing your body to its optimal state during each and every exercise and session.



Our primary principle is recognizing that the body is a unique structure to each individual, which doesn’t always react to ‘one-size-fits-all’ methods when it comes to its development and training.

RETROFIT is an upscale fitness facility providing a higher level of personal training, along with offering next generation body and performance assessments to analyze your body’s specific current potential.


By gathering data on a clients body composition and performance thresholds, we can tailor a workout regime making it specifically effective to YOU. We can equip you with accurate customized data for faster, more impactful results, whether that’s finding your unique optimal fat burning zone, or, identifying the most efficient exercises for rapid lean muscle growth.

In order to do this we have aligned with Statera Health, a state of the art tech company, to provide us with the technology to offer specific non-invasive personal assessments that enable us to find the following:

- VO2 max (a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use)

- ECG (measures electrical activity all over the heart)

- HRV (variation in the time interval between heartbeats)

Analyzing energy expenditures, respiration and heart rate provides us with a clear understanding of the style of training to be used and how hard each individual can and should be working.

By capturing this data it allows us to project both your optimal fat burning thresholds, as well as your optimal muscle building output. In turn, enabling us to customize each persons experience while maximizing the individual’s efforts and their ability to reach their specific goals.

We acknowledge that each individual’s body-type, fitness level and fitness goals are unique. By understanding how your body responds best to various forms of resistance training and cardiovascular activity, you can significantly increase the speed at which you see results. Our aim is to keep assessments fun and fast, and to get You where you want to be!


Your visible health on the outside is dictated by your invisible health on the inside.  Our assessment protocol gives us a holistic view on important metabolic parameters that indicate how your body uniquely responds to exercise training. This class of assessment is commonly performed on elite athletes to optimize their performance, yet these parameters drive improvements in body composition, weight management, and cardio-metabolic health in everyone.

By studying how your metabolic parameters change over time, we gain deep insights into your physiological strengths and weaknesses, and how to make the most of your training time here at Retrofit.

Retrofit is a proud partner in bringing this pioneering new fitness assessment technology to it’s members.

Our trainers will guide you through two brief exercise tests while wearing a fitted bio-sensing shirt, first on a treadmill and second on a stationary bike. The treadmill test will serve as a warm-up to measure baseline responses at different walking and running speeds. The bike test will begin at an easy intensity, then progressively become harder until you experience heavy breathing. Our onsite cardiologist will oversee the assessment team and can aid in providing you with personalized feedback upon request.

Results from your assessment will be provided to you immediately upon completion of the tests.

The complete assessment should take 30 minutes, including the two exercise tests plus immediate personalized feedback.


To assist further in this development, we have also aligned with several leading nutritional companies that have the capacity to customize plans to your individual daily needs, taking into account the physical food groups best suited to You and the supplements Your body requires.