Performance Monitoring

Each individual will be paired with a device that allows the trainer and YOU to see if you’re in your target zone at any given time during our classes. Strong is the new sexy!  Strength can be measured in many different areas: strength of will, strength of character and physical strength.  

Our classes are geared towards making you strong. We’ve created a workout structure that will take your fitness to the next level!



Staying hydrated is imperative to maintain a healthy and functional lifestyle. National health organizations suggest a minimum consumption of 2 – 4 liters of water per day. Please be sure you arrive to class hydrated and stay hydrated through the remainder of the day. RETROFIT provides water through a filtration system, so remember to bring your water bottle!



In order to perform at your fullest potential your body requires adequate nutrition. We recommend that you have a healthy snack or small meal approximately an hour prior to class.



Arrive 10 minutes prior to your class for check-in with the front desk. First timers will need to sign a HIIT SQUAD waiver prior participating. Check out our apparel if you should need any last minute items. Refill your water battle at the filling station, use the restroom and prepare yourself for a fun and energized workout.



The circuit of stations revolves in pairs, so you can bring a partner, or get friendly with your fellow HIIT SQUADERS on arrival and partner up with someone at a station. Be sure to use the cubbie holes provided to store any loose items and please remember to turn off cell phones so as not to interrupt the class or disturb your fellow SQUADERS!



Once you are situated at a station a HIIT SQUAD instructor shall run everyone through the circuit of exercises about to be performed. Please don’t be shy to shout out if there is something you’d like to review before getting started.



Immediately discontinue any exercise should you feel discomfort, shortness of breath or dizziness. Immediately alert HIIT SQUAD staff should you feel you may require medical attention.



Hydrate, recover, stretch and socialize…don’t forget to reserve a place in your next class!